Tuesday, November 4, 2008

My game

I seem to be spending a lot of game time lately developing a game I started a little while back. I don't have very much done of it, and I have a tendency to give up, but here is a demo of it. It's not got a title, but so far my idea is involving ways to make you think about how to beat the enemies. You control Mr. Saturn, and he is unable to kill any enemies on his own; you either have to try and relate to the game the enemy is from, or devise a new way yourself. Some may involve using the environment to your advantage, or perhaps gaining power-ups, or many other hopefully unique ideas I've not yet come up with. Enjoy the demo 1.0! Leave any feedback, please. If anyone does ever read this.

A screenshot of a game demo. Look fun? Hope so.

Mother 3 (ii)

I've played through some more. We've been trying to recover an egg Duster got, and so we went all this way to follow some weird clayman that went haywire, and then ended up in a rubbish truck, which I then had to follow. After an annoying boss with some junk man who kept healing himself, I've got the egg. I've now been driven to this lightening tower filled with enemies that I have trouble with and I can't run from, so I've given up for a bit. I seem kinda down about the game, but I still love it really.
Wario Ware Twisted came on Saturday, it's a brilliant game! The boss for 9-Volt is so awesome. Wario Ware games never fail to impress me.
Nothing more to say about games. I played DK Jungle Climber a bit more? Exciting.

It's such an awesome boss! It has three levels, too. Ahhh.

Here was a pointlessly tedious clayman collecting part I had to do. Ah well.