Monday, October 27, 2008

Startin' Mah Blog

As of my first post, my title is Hyrule's Onett (edit 08/2011: I changed it because I thought it sounded a bit shit). I'm not sure why. I like the Mother series and the Zelda series? I'll probably end up blogging mostly about Nintendo games? I guess they're reason enough. I'll probably change the name when I've given it enough thought.

After a certain someone stuck a Master Sword (oh ho ho, c wut I did thar?) in my last effort of blogging, I'm gonna write it in an apathetic manner as though I'm talking to someone I've never met, but wants to know me and shares similar interests. I'm also perhaps going to overexplain everything. I like explaining things to people.

I talk to myself in my head enough; I have large chunks of life where I am thoroughly unstimulated. Being checkout monkey at B&Q for example. So why not jot down some of my less private thoughts on this? Huspag.

*sigh* reading back over, it still sounds declamatory. Ah well.

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